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Machining Quality with Future Tecnology

Our Units

With units in Campinas (SP), Iracemápolis (SP) and Varginha (MG), the Tormep consolidated as a prominent company in the segments in which it operates, with more than 30.000 sqm of industrial park, its growth is a reflection of the quality of their services, the dedication of its employees and a strong vision for the future with wide administration.

Campinas (SP)

Founded in 1966, it was the first plant for machining parts in bulk. It has a wide and diverse range of machinery that portrays the evolution of the machining industry in Brazil, and a modern process, in large part robot, to manufacture high precision parts.

Iracemápolis (SP)

Inaugurated in 2000, the unit has a modern manufacturing plant installed in an area of ​​50.000 m². Operates in the production of injection molded and machined aluminum high precision products that serve the most diverse industrial sectors pieces. The TORMEP Iracemápolis has a management system designed and implemented Quality, according to ISO 9001:2000, since March 2003, standard to ensure that products meet the requirements of the most demanding segments.

Technopark Campinas (SP)

In line with current and future-proof industry in 2010 needs to Tormep concludes the works of an industrial park reference.


The Technopark unit is installed on a plot of 9.000m² and incorporates the latest in high precision machining and anodizing technology. It is equipped with latest machines that provide a high standard of quality and international excellence.

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